5 ways Game of Thrones changed my life


What about you?

#game of thrones #completely obsessed #with the books and the TV show #so I made these little drawings #also I should ask my husband to call me either "Khaleesi" or "my lady wife" #that would be cool


I've been away for a long time.

I have no excuse, really.

Except I've been busy with the following things:

- making new friends (and missing my friends from Paris - guys, if you read me today, *group hug* I miss you like I couldn't even imagine)
- finding a job (done: I now work - probably temporarily - as a selling specialist for a big luxury brand. Some days it's fun, some days it's not, but I learn new things and earn money and have enough time for myself and that's good enough for the moment)
- loving Chicago in the spring (suntanning on the beach, drinking beer in patios, wearing white minishorts like a good American girl)
- obsessively reading the Game of Thrones series (which I recommend to everybody) and watching the TV show (which I also recommend but please read the books first, they're so much better)
- loving my new pet, a sacred of Burma cat that I adopted from someone who couldn't take care of her anymore (and okay, here's a picture because she's such a beauty:

end of my ecstatic Jewish-mother rant)
- and taking pictures of my new home town for your viewing pleasure, careful here they come:

The Chicago Theater

The Chicago river

Cupcakes at Sprinkles

 Millenium Park

Old Town

... and so much more to do!

I'm heading to the beach guys... See you tomorrow :)

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